Coffee, tea shop in Vilnius


   Even a small area store in a large shopping center may be seen by buyers - it is important that it is bright and visible. In an effort to make the store brighter we offered 37W LED lighting fixtures that replace 100 - 120W so far used metal halide lamps.

   Changing the lighting fixtures, store electrical energy consumption for lighting , reduced by more than three times. The lighting does not require additional maintenance - there is no need to change the burned out light bulbs, no need for maintenance personnel. It saves the company expenses for shop maintenance and care.

   LED luminaires equipped with special reflectors, which diffuses the light evenly, illuminates the shop premises and goods, avoid glare and do not disturb customers - and the store and the goods in the shelves look more attractive.

   One of the key advantages of LED lamps - the light emitted does not heat up the room. The store maintained a normal microclimate and doesn’t need airconditioning. Also LED lights do not harm chocolate products that are in the shelves.

   Shop uses LED fixtures O36c and T4-2.