LED RGB floodlights


Available in various beam angles, together with high efficiency Cree color LEDs, powered by MeanWell drivers and DMX control system, these RGB floodlights offer the best quality for most outdoor applications.

With the special beam profile and uniform photometric distribution these floodlights achieve high optical efficiency with state-of-the-art technology to boost up overall system efficacy.












Name Power LED quantity LED manufacturer Dimensions L x W x H, mm
F30c 60 W 10xR, 10xG, 10xB Philips Lumileds/Cree 327 x 366 x 91
F54c 100 W 18xR, 18xG, 18xB Philips Lumileds/Cree 387 x 366 x 91
F90c 150 W 30xR, 30xG, 30xB Philips Lumileds/Cree 507 x 366 x 91
F198c 400 W 66xR, 66xG, 66xB Philips Lumileds/Cree 507 x 366 x 116





  • Voltage: 48 VDC
  • LEDs: Philips Lumileds LUXEON or Cree
  • Average lifetime: 30 000 h (70% lumen maintenance at 135°C junction temperature)
  • Working temperature: -25°C - +45°C
  • Lighting distribution: 15°x15°, 30°x30°, 40°x40°, 60°x60°, 60°x135° or 85°x135°
  • Uniform light distribution
  • Lifetime does not depend on the number of on/off
  • No flickering (stroboscopic effect), instant start
  • No UV and IR radiation
  • Ability to choose light color (RBG, red, gree, blue, amber)
  • Control: DMX512**
  • Housing material: aluminum, steel
  • Extremely light weight, reliable heat disipation (fold-fin heatsink technology, air ventilation housing, distributed heat source) *
  • IP class: IP65
  • Transparent glass
  • Housing color: black, grey
  • Can be complemented with barn doors
  • Ability to mount on mounting arm
  • Cost-saving, environmentally-friendly
  • Warranty: 3 years


* thermovision images:


** wiring diagriam and equipment





  • Architectural lighting
  • Monuments lighting
  • Commercials lighting
  • Stages lighting
  • Other applications



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